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BitBirdy Go Live

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BitBirdy Launched Today! April 14th, 2020

We envision a Bitcoin Cash global economy where the true value of Bitcoin Cash is derived from its usability and purchasing power. We are striving for an online shopping experience where the supply chain is fully powered by Bitcoin Cash.

Our mission is to provide a delightful online shopping experience for Bitcoin Cash users. We're so passionate about Bitcoin Cash adoption, that we've made it the exclusive payment option!

Why Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash enables a borderless, free market economy with low fees and instant settlement. Using Bitcoin Cash in commerce also strengthens the network, and increases the value. We believe the value of any currency is derived from its utility and purchasing power. Plus, what's the point of HODLing if it can't be exchanged for something of greater utility?

Fly On

We look forward to seeing growth in the Bitcoin Cash community and adoption of Bitcoin Cash in commerce!