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How To Get Bitcoin Cash

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Cryptocurrency Wallet

Not only is a wallet required to use Bitcoin Cash, some wallets allow purchasing of Bitcoin Cash in the wallet itself. A list of wallets and detail of their functionality is available at

Cryptocurrency Exchange

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Selecting an exchange might take a little research. Look for reputable exchanges that have great customer service, strong security, a liquid market, and be sure to compare fees. We recommend Coinbase for its ease of use, security, and relatively low fees. A list of all exchanges ranked by volume can be found at

Peer-to-Peer Exchange

One of the most important reasons for why Bitcoin Cash exists in the first place, is that it's designed to be exchanged peer-to-peer. is a platform that securely facilitates peer-to-peer Bitcoin Cash exchange using any payment method.

Earn It

Earn Bitcoin Cash by completing tasks on sites like or visit to post items to sell for Bitcoin Cash. Or start a business that accepts Bitcoin Cash! The Bitcoin Cash Register App allows merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash at retail locations. Find out about it here Coinbase Commerce (and many other crypto payment providers) integrate with website builders to provide a Bitcoin Cash checkout process. Learn more about it here

Bitcoin Cash ATMs

There are Bitcoin Cash ATMs popping up everywhere worldwide. Coin ATM Radar maps all cryptocurrency ATMs and provides information on how to use the ATMs at Be sure to choose Bitcoin Cash (BCH) when searching.

Mine Bitcoin Cash

Mining earns block rewards and transaction fees, and helps secure the network. The amount of Bitcoin Cash that can be earned depends on many factors such as: mining equipment efficiency, energy costs, mining difficulty, network traffic, and Bitcoin Cash price. It is possible to mine solo, or join a mining pool. Information about Bitcoin Mining Pools can be found at